Low temperature coolant circulating pump HC-0520

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Small low temperature coolant circulating pump

Key words: experimental instrument

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Scientific instruments are tools for precision measurement, and their precision and reliability must be an order of magnitude higher than the object being measured. Therefore, although there are not as many components as airplanes, the systematic design is also beyond imagination. The chromatographic column, as a consumable, is a separation center, just like the heart. High pressure, tightness and flow rate stability are required. And the oven needs to be kept at a constant temperature. To prevent leakage, maintain constant temperature, pressurized flow, every link, can not be slack. For materials, seals, and fluid mechanics, a high foundation is required.

The method for checking whether the instrument leaks: pinch off the external vacuum skin tube, and observe whether the vacuum gauge on the instrument can keep the instrument leak-free for five minutes. If there is air leakage, check whether the sealing ring on each sealing joint and rotating shaft is effective. On the contrary, the instrument is normal to check the vacuum pump and vacuum pipeline.

Control System

● The latest special software research and development of homemade temperature control technology, equipped with high standards of PT100 and fully imported electronic components.

● The software system is convenient to correct the error between the displayed temperature and the actual temperature, and the temperature correction resolution is up to 0.5 ℃, so that the displayed temperature value is accurate.

● With over-temperature protection, over-temperature alarm, over-temperature alarm temperature can be set, over-temperature can automatically cut off the load.

● Intelligent software has strong temperature stability, PID can automatically adjust the best parameters according to different media, and special users also manually readjust the parameters.

● Use software to digitally lock the setting values of the control system to avoid misoperation by irrelevant personnel and ensure that the data in the experimental process are correct.

●Accurate temperature control, so that the temperature in the working tank is fast and stable.

● Press the "Power" button to turn off all functions of the instrument, but the instrument can also display the process of natural rise and fall of the temperature in the tank.


Refrigeration system

High efficiency fully enclosed compressor refrigeration, cooling speed, with overheating overcurrent and other multiple protection.


Technical parameters:

1. Model: HC-0520

2. Capacity: 4-6L

3. Temperature:-20-room temperature

4. Accuracy: ± 0.5

5. Slot size: 250*250*280mm

6. Opening size: 150*160mm

7. Flow rate: 20L/min

8. Head: 6-8m

9. Dimensions: 280*400*520mm

Low temperature coolant circulating pump HC-0520

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