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Hangzhou Huichuang Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd.

"People-oriented, customer-oriented, professional-oriented"

Zhejiang Huajin Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that designs, produces and sells professional scientific research instruments and has independent legal personality. Since its establishment, the company has developed and produced the following series of products:

1. independent products: (each product is divided into basic type, improved type, intelligent type, explosion-proof type) high and low temperature integrated machine, low temperature coolant circulating pump, high temperature constant temperature circulator;. Rotary evaporator, rotary concentrator; corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump, circulating water vacuum pump;. Stainless steel reaction kettle, stainless steel micro reaction kettle, stainless steel simple reaction kettle, hydrothermal synthesis kettle;. Single-and double-layer glass reactor; parallel reactor, photochemical reactor, organic synthesis distillation, extraction, molecular distillation and other devices; magnetic stirrer, electronic temperature control instrument, heating jacket, water and oil bath;

2. other commonly used equipment:

Drying oven, incubator, ultraviolet analyzer, electronic balance, centrifuge, ultrasonic cleaner, rotary vane vacuum pump, ultrasonic synthesis, ultrasonic extraction reactor, microwave chemical reactor and other instruments and equipment;


Between the square inch, the service is wide in the world!

The products sell well in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and are well received by many colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. The company will continue to provide high-quality scientific and technological products for the scientific research industry with professional production technology, excellent production technology, reliable quality assurance, perfect after-sales service and sound management system.

Technical consulting

Full-time technician, from technical solutions to the installation and use of the full-time support.

Product selection

According to the use of environmental conditions, instrument specifications, requirements, quantity of global recommended selection.

Training Guidance

whether it is installation and debugging or use methods we provide training courses and...


one year after the acceptance of equipment free warranty, life-long maintenance; provide exclusive instrument maintenance plan...