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The 19th Jianghuai Organic Chemistry Forum

From November 3 to 5, the 19th Jianghuai Organic Chemistry Forum was held at the 24th Bridge Hotel in Yangzhou Slender West Lake. Hangzhou Huichuang Instruments was invited by teachers to attend the conference and brought hot-selling instruments to the laboratory on display.


9th Asia-Pacific Catalysis Conference (APCAT-9)

From October 30 to November 2, the 9th Asian and Pacific Regional Conference on Catalysis (APCAT-9) was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou Huichuang brought the hot-selling instruments of the laboratory to the scene and participated as an award guest.


Because of trust, so choose. Customers in Xi'an choose us

Because of trust, so choose. Xi'an customers chose us, so even if Xi'an is thousands of miles away from Hangzhou, we still come.


The 16th Annual Conference on Marine Drugs

On November 10-12, 2023, the 16th Annual Conference on Marine Medicine was held in Hangzhou Overseas International Convention and Exhibition Center. Hangzhou Huichuang was invited to participate and brought hot-selling laboratory equipment, which was widely concerned by teachers and students.


Principle of pusher stirrer

Propelling agitator: Propelling agitator is commonly used in low viscosity fluids. The standard propulsion agitator is three blades, and the air pitch is equal to the diameter of the slurry. When stirring, the fluid is sucked from the top of the blade, and discharged from the bottom in a cylindrical spiral shape. The fluid reaches the bottom of the container and moves back to the top of the blade along the wall, forming an axial flow.


What is a turbine agitator?

Turbine agitator is a kind of blade which is widely used. It can effectively complete almost all mixing operations and can handle fluids with a wide range of viscosity. Turbine agitators can be divided into two types: open type and disc type. The open type has straight leaves, inclined leaves, curved leaves, etc., and the disc type has straight leaves, inclined leaves, curved leaves, etc. The number of blades commonly used in open turbines is 2-blade and 4-blade, and 6-blade disc turbines are the most common.


Ribbon agitator

Spiral belt stirrer is suitable for medium with high viscosity and difficult agitation. The number of spiral belts can be increased according to the height of the liquid layer. Generally, the liquid spirals up along the inner wall of the container and then descends along the axis. Blades operate in laminar flow state


Operation of pressure test of reactor

Safety measures shall be taken for the pressure test of the reactor. The reaction gas should be dry, clean air, nitrogen or an inert gas. In the air pressure test, the medium test temperature shall not be lower than room temperature, and the pressure shall slowly rise to 10% of the specified test pressure and not more than 0.05MPa during the test. Hold the pressure for 5 minutes, and then perform an initial leak check on all welded joints and joints. If there is a leak, retest after repair.


Daily maintenance and inspection items of reaction kettle agitator

Agitator is the main component of the reaction kettle, in normal operation should always check the radial swing of the shaft is greater than the specified value. The agitator shall not be reversed, and a certain distance shall be kept between the snake pipe, pressure pipe and thermowell in the kettle to prevent collision. Regularly check the agitator for corrosion, crack, deformation and loosening. For the mixing device with intermediate bearing or bottom bearing bush, the regular inspection items are as follows.


What aspects should be considered when choosing a heat exchanger?

In the choice of heat exchanger should be considered from the following aspects.


Continuous stirred tank structure

The wall of the stirring kettle is made of aluminum material with high heat transfer rate. The kettle body is made of stainless steel. The inside of the kettle body is lined with aluminum structure. The top is equipped with a motor to drive the stirrer in the kettle to rotate. It is generally a steel structure of a confined space formed by welding. The temperature medium is passed into this space to heat or cool the materials inside the kettle body. The shape and size of the agitator inside the kettle body have an impact on the reaction of the materials in the production process. During the stirring of the stirrer inside the kettle body, the concentration of the reaction materials in the reactor will be uniformly mixed. The temperature sensor will be installed in the reaction kettle to measure the temperature change online in real time.


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