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Daily maintenance and inspection items of reaction kettle agitator


Agitator is the main component of the reaction kettle, in normal operation should always check the radial swing of the shaft is greater than the specified value. The agitator shall not be reversed, and a certain distance shall be kept between the snake pipe, pressure pipe and thermowell in the kettle to prevent collision. Regularly check the agitator for corrosion, crack, deformation and loosening. For the mixing device with intermediate bearing or bottom bearing bush, the regular inspection items are as follows.

1. Clearance of bottom bearing bush (or bearing);

2. Whether the lubricating oil of the intermediate bearing has any material entering and damaging the bearing;

3. Whether the fixed screw is loose, loosening will increase the swing of the agitator and cause the reaction kettle to vibrate;

4. The fixing of the stirring shaft and the blade shall be vertical, and the allowable deviation of verticality shall be 4/1000 of the total length of the blade and shall not be more than 5mm.

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