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What is a turbine agitator?


Turbine agitator is a kind of blade which is widely used. It can effectively complete almost all mixing operations and can handle fluids with a wide range of viscosity. Turbine agitators can be divided into two types: open type and disc type. The open type has straight leaves, inclined leaves, curved leaves, etc., and the disc type has straight leaves, inclined leaves, curved leaves, etc. The number of blades commonly used in open turbines is 2-blade and 4-blade, and 6-blade disc turbines are the most common.

In order to improve flow conditions, disc turbines sometimes have blades made concave and arrow-shaped, called arc-blade disc turbines and arrow-blade disc turbines. Turbine agitator has a large shear force, can make the fluid micromass dispersion is very fine, suitable for low viscosity to medium viscosity fluid mixing, gas-liquid dispersion, solid-liquid suspension, and promote good heat transfer, mass transfer and chemical reaction.

The straight leaves have a large shearing effect and are shear type agitators. Bent blade means that the blade is bent towards the flow direction, which can reduce power consumption and is suitable for fluid mixing containing fragile solid particles.


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