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Key words: experimental instrument

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Scientific instruments are tools for precision measurement, and their precision and reliability must be an order of magnitude higher than the object being measured. Therefore, although there are not as many components as airplanes, the systematic design is also beyond imagination. The chromatographic column, as a consumable, is a separation center, just like the heart. High pressure, tightness and flow rate stability are required. And the oven needs to be kept at a constant temperature. To prevent leakage, maintain constant temperature, pressurized flow, every link, can not be slack. For materials, seals, and fluid mechanics, a high foundation is required.

The method for checking whether the instrument leaks: pinch off the external vacuum skin tube, and observe whether the vacuum gauge on the instrument can keep the instrument leak-free for five minutes. If there is air leakage, check whether the sealing ring on each sealing joint and rotating shaft is effective. On the contrary, the instrument is normal to check the vacuum pump and vacuum pipeline.

Function: Ordinary

Origin: domestic

Type: Desktop

Characteristic parameter: low speed

Product introduction:

It is driven by AC variable frequency motor, and the control panel can be operated by touch screen. The whole machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, compact structure, small volume, beautiful and unique appearance, low noise, low temperature rise in the cavity and obvious separation effect. The whole machine is controlled by computer, intuitive, equipped with electronic door lock, safe and reliable.

It is suitable for the experimental and analytical work in the fields of biology, medicine, agricultural science, etc. The effect is more significant in the experimental research of genetic gene, protein nucleic acid and so on.
Technical parameters:

Speed Max.Speed:4000rpm (rev/min)
Relative centrifugal force Max.RCF:1430(×g)
Angle rotor capacity:15ml × 6

Timer Range:0min ~ 99min
Power:220v 50Hz 180w

Dimensions Dimensions:520mm × 375mm × 335mm(L×W×H)

Model Product Name Maximum speed Maximum centrifugal force Rotor Name Specification Capacity
TDL-4D   Low speed desktop centrifuge touch panel computer control 4000 r/min 1430 ×g Angle 15ml × 6
Low speed desktop centrifuge 4000rmp (tube products)

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