Rotary evaporator 0.05 ~ 2L

Automatic lifting SY-2000A at RT ~ 180 ℃

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Small rotary evaporator

Key words: experimental instrument

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Scientific instruments are tools for precision measurement, and their precision and reliability must be an order of magnitude higher than the object being measured. Therefore, although there are not as many components as airplanes, the systematic design is also beyond imagination. The chromatographic column, as a consumable, is a separation center, just like the heart. High pressure, tightness and flow rate stability are required. And the oven needs to be kept at a constant temperature. To prevent leakage, maintain constant temperature, pressurized flow, every link, can not be slack. For materials, seals, and fluid mechanics, a high foundation is required.

The method for checking whether the instrument leaks: pinch off the external vacuum skin tube, and observe whether the vacuum gauge on the instrument can keep the instrument leak-free for five minutes. If there is air leakage, check whether the sealing ring on each sealing joint and rotating shaft is effective. On the contrary, the instrument is normal to check the vacuum pump and vacuum pipeline.

Evaporation flask (L):1

Temperature control range (℃): room temperature -180

Lifting mode: automatic

Origin: domestic


Product features:

Touch display frequency, menu click operation interface, multi-data one-screen display, simple and convenient.

PID intelligent control unit, accurate temperature setting.

Speed: frequency conversion control, synchronous transmission.

Steering: This machine has the function of positive and negative rotation to improve the evaporation of materials.

Vacuum: can be set to display the automatic control of negative pressure target value, built-in gas control system, control the start and stop of the vacuum pump.

Time: The machine is equipped with a timing function to automatically stop when it reaches the scheduled time and can switch the manual function in real time to resume long-term operation.

Lifting: the combination of rail automatic lifting, stable and reliable, low noise, limit protection without impact.

Cooler: Adopt high-temperature high-quality glass double reflux integrated ball milling port (standard port) condenser tube to increase the condensation area and improve the recovery rate.

Seal: professional sealing system design, selection of high elastic PTFE material, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durability and other characteristics.

Bath pot: the shell is made of flame retardant material, equipped with overheat protection power-off device, built-in water bath, oil bath dual-purpose Teflon heating pot, aluminum alloy protection device. Heat preservation, energy saving, pollution prevention, safe and reliable.

The original duct-type cooling system equalizes the temperature and prevents accidents.

Feeding: the valve type is used without stopping, and the feeding is continuous under negative pressure.

Conical grinding mouth locking bottle withdrawal device: stable locking cone grinding mouth connection convenient cone withdrawal bottle (with ring nut).


Main technical parameters:




Temperature range

PID temperature automatic control LED display room temperature -180 ℃

variable frequency speed regulation

10-200 r/min (forward and reverse rotation switching

Vacuum degree range

Built-in setting -0.01 ~-0.095Mpa precision 0.2~0.5

Lifting range

Boat-shaped button fast automatic lifting 0~150mm


Double reflux condenser condensation area 0.15m ²

Double reflux condenser condensation area 0.18mf

Bath pot

4 liters capacity available in the range of 50~2000ml evaporation bottle

8 liters capacity can be used in the range of 50~5000ml evaporation bottle

precision temperature control

Water bath accuracy ± 1 ℃ Oil bath accuracy ± 2 ℃

Heating power

1500W motor power: 80W



Overall dimension



Whole machine weight



Rotary evaporator 0.05 ~ 2L

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