Rotary Evaporator 0.5-2L

RT ~ 99 ℃ automatic lifting RE-52AA

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Small rotary evaporator

Key words: experimental instrument

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Scientific instruments are tools for precision measurement, and their precision and reliability must be an order of magnitude higher than the object being measured. Therefore, although there are not as many components as airplanes, the systematic design is also beyond imagination. The chromatographic column, as a consumable, is a separation center, just like the heart. High pressure, tightness and flow rate stability are required. And the oven needs to be kept at a constant temperature. To prevent leakage, maintain constant temperature, pressurized flow, every link, can not be slack. For materials, seals, and fluid mechanics, a high foundation is required.

The method for checking whether the instrument leaks: pinch off the external vacuum skin tube, and observe whether the vacuum gauge on the instrument can keep the instrument leak-free for five minutes. If there is air leakage, check whether the sealing ring on each sealing joint and rotating shaft is effective. On the contrary, the instrument is normal to check the vacuum pump and vacuum pipeline.

Temperature control range (℃): room temperature -99

Lifting mode: automatic

Evaporation bottle (L):2

Origin: domestic

Type: Host

Detailed introduction

Use description: rotary evaporator is a rotary evaporation bottle (flask), increase the evaporation area under reduced pressure placed in a water bath while rotating, while heating the device, so that the bottle solution diffusion evaporation. Is the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratories and other units for manufacturing and analysis of the experiment depends on concentration, drying, recovery and other more ideal essential basic instruments.

Technical parameters:

Host: 0-150 r/min, electronic stepless speed regulation, micro-motor drive, up and down automatic lifting

Cooler: vertical, additional material pipe, large condenser tube, large evaporation tube, evaporation rate is greater than similar instruments

Temperature: automatic control room temperature -99 degrees digital display

Heating pot: stainless steel Teflon composite pot transparent set

Input power: 1000


Features: The heating pot is equipped with a fully transparent protective cover, heat preservation, energy saving, explosion-proof, splash-proof, and pollution-proof. The main metal is made of corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel

Factory standard: condenser tube, four-way bottle, evaporation bottle, collection bottle, feeding pipe, protective device

Rotary Evaporator 0.5-2L

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